​Ripoff Report | Are In Fact Extortionist . They Are The Scammers And We  The Consumers And Victims Are educating consumers Worldwide About This Bogus Company.


For Many Years Now Ed The Founder Of www.ripoffreport.com Has Been Sliding By Using The Freedom Of The Press Therory To Beat The Court System. He Would Say We Do Not Post Or Change Any Post So Therefore We Are Not Liable In The Law Suites. Not Only This But He Is Also In Violation Of The Terms Of Use Put Out By Google Because They Do Stuff And Change The Postings. Watch The Video To The Left And They Even Admit To The Changing Of The Post. They Admit They Add To The Post. Over The Years It Has Come Out That Ed Hired People Just To Make Up Fake Post On Companies And Post Them On His Site Charging Thousands Just To Remove The Post. He Claims They Never Remove Post. I Also was A Victim Of These Criminals And I Refuse To Pay But I Will Spend My Money Fighting The Scum! And Here We Have A Way! Since Me Creating This Site Now 2 More Ripoff Report Post Has Popped Up....LOL........ We The Victims Vow To Not Stop Until ED You Are In Prison Where You Belong! Join Our Fight Today By Signing Up At www.ripoffreportscams.com  And We Together Can And Will Stop This Scamming Website Ripoff Report.Com. ED We Welcome Your Law Suites And Your Attorney Letters Scare Us None! We Are Feed Up With Your Extorting Good People And Companies!